[rescue] Re: OpenBSD on SS2

Michael Hansen rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Jun 11 17:21:40 CDT 2001

>>I am finally getting around to installing OpenBSD 2.9 on that old
>>SPARCstation 2.  =

I have OpenBSD 2.8 up on a SPARCstation 1+, and it only took three months=

for me to work out all the problems. It works great though, and
very fast given a 25 MHz cpu. Don't give up - it was worth the effort.
It has only dumped core once, and I think that was due to a faulty extern=

>>I am plugged into the *A* DB-25 port and disconnected the KB and mouse.=

>>Should I pull the video card also?
 I would recommend pulling it.
BTW, we call them frame buffers around here.

Issues to consider:
1. If you have installed 501-1739 Sun barcoded simms in all 16 slots, ski=
p to
#2, otherwise:
The SS2 has a non-standard simm bank pattern, unlike the SS1+.  If you do=
have all the slots
filled, and you were not aware of this and/or you don't happen to have se=
4 of the service manual
handy, email me and I will help you figure out the proper locations. The
machine won't boot
at all if it isn't happy with its ram.

2.  How is the serial cable you are using wired? I am assuming you took a=

standard mac modem =

cable and pluged it in to  the DB-25 on the back. Unfortunately, as I rec=
it's not that simple.
Although the ports have a female DB-25, which most of the industry wires =
I believe these =

are wired DTE, so you need a null modem adapter between the Sun and the D=
end of the cable.
You can get them at rat-shack.

Again, if you need clarification, email me.  =

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