[rescue] Installing OpenBSD on a Sparc2

Larry Snyder rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Jun 11 16:52:12 CDT 2001

Simeon Johnston <simeonuj at eetc.com> wrote:
> I am finally getting around to installing OpenBSD 2.9 on that old
> SPARCstation 2.  I am trying to use a mac to install the OS but I don't
> know the settings.  I've tried 9600 baud and lower but didn't get
> anything from the sparc.  The console app is set to 8N1 and I know that
> is correct.

9.6/8N1 should be right.  Keep in mind that you're talking first to
the firmware, then to a tty device.  Once you get going, you may have
to change to 7E1 in midstream.  I know SunOS 4.1.x will bite you
that way....

> I am plugged into the *A* DB-25 port and disconnected the KB and mouse.
> Should I pull the video card also?  Didn't think that mattered.
> I'll try pulling the vid card and the extra expansion card (SCSI,
> Ethernet and DB-25 port - that may be causing the problem also) and see
> what happens.

KB/rat should be enough.  Beyond that you could be hurting yourself.
You should get something from the serial port.  If not, depending
on the cable going to your mac, you may need to do a null-modem flip.

> Any help would be appreciated.
> sim

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