[rescue] RE: [SunRescue] OT: AS/400 stuff

Joshua D. Boyd rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Jun 11 13:37:53 CDT 2001

>From my understanding, un-certified gear is assumed to be class A.  Now,
FCC certification costs several thousand dollars, at least (that is what
one company was recently commenting the cost would be for them, and they
only produce cartridges for the Atari Jaguar).

Several thousand dollars is a small drop in the bucket for IBM, but still,
why would they want to pay it when they don't intend for these cards
(which we have already established cost tens of thousands of dollars) for
home use?

Further, FCC only certifies complete systems.  If you add a P/390 card to
you certified IBM machine, the machine looses its certification if it is
in any way different from what the FCC certified (say, different hard
drive, different memory, etc).

And these are the reasons why people are usually busted for running class
A gear in residential areas.  I bet that everyone of use is running gear
that is class A, as are the vast majority of computer owners (did you have
the store add an extra zip drive before you bought the computer?  That
probably invalidates the certification).  And then, how much else might
have lost it's certification?  I'm pretty sure that stereo, pro-audio, and
small appliance mods result in loss of certification.

Joshua Boyd

> james at foonly.com said:
> >  As far as I know no IBM 'frame (except possibly the P/390) was ever
> > certified for residential use.
> > -James [I still like the watercooled 400Hz beasties.]

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