[rescue] SCSI cd rom burner

Dave Reader rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Jun 11 04:13:16 CDT 2001

On Sun, 10 Jun 2001, Chad Fernandez wrote:

> I have a Yamaha 16x10x40 in my PC, and have been hating it.  The tray
> comes out about 2/3rds of the way out an slows down slightly.  My TEAC
> cd-rom, just slides out full speed, as does every other cd-rom I have

I've got a Yamaha 4x2x6 - I cant say that the tray speed has ever bothered
me, maybe yours is different.

> seen.  I also have problems with the cdr's.  This piece of junk will
> choke on anything but Imation CDR's.  Plus, If I write to a CDR, make it

I've not found anything mine won't write yet - even at full
(4x) speed. Have you tried lower speeds on the cheaper media? .. i've been
using TDK, Traxadata, and a couple of unbranded 80min pale blue/silver

> readable in a plain cd-rom, and then try to write more to it later on,
> the newer files aren't shown in another drive and computer. 

Some drives, particularly older ones, cannot cope with multisession
disks. I've seen this before - I've even seen a drive lock up on seeing
such a disk. This isn't a problem with your writer; I've even seen a
commercially produced disk which was multi-session and so gave the same

> Furthermore, the CDs aren't readable in DOS.  I can see the files, but
> can't access them.  Yet, the same cd-rom will access the burned cd under
> WIN98.

Sounds like a software problem to me. How are you creating these
disks? Are you including the required translation tables for DOS?
> Am I doing something wrong?  I spent $300 for this thing, thinking I was
> buying the best!

I bought a Yamaha (4x2x6 external SCSI) after getting plenty of +ve
feedback from others, and have been very happy with it. Works fine with
cdrecord under Linux, and EasyCD (and a few other tools) under Windows.

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