[rescue] SparcStations and Serial Connectivity

Zach Malone rescue at sunhelp.org
Sun Jun 10 23:08:11 CDT 2001

Its a 9500/132 with a G4 450 upgrade and 300mb RAM.  My dad bought it when
it was brand new, and has used it continously since, which is why I am
dubious about hard crashes on it, especially due to the mac serial ports
well known blow out rate if they are treated incorrectly.  Plus it takes a
full 10-15 minutes to boot, so its a pain to have to restart after every
attempt to connect the Sparc.
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> Zach Malone wrote:
> > Hello,
> > I just purchased a SPARCstation 2 a short time ago off ebay.  Anyhow, I
do not
> > have the necessary equipment to hook it up to a VGA monitor, plus I dont
> > a Sun style monitor.  So I attempted to hook it up to a number of
machines, I
> > get no result when hooking up to a windows machine (may be a result of
> > null modem connector being flaky).  I read somewhere that Macintosh
> > connectors would work, however, upon book of the SS2, my Mac shuts down
> > immediatly.  Do you need special modem cables, or will any work?  For
> > people who said they had hooked up SS's to macs before, which cables did
> > use?
> I just use a generic hardware handshaking mac modem cable and a Belkin
> modem adapter. Male/Male.
> What kind of Mac is it?
> --jeff
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