[rescue] P2 CPUs?

Tugrul Galatali rescue at sunhelp.org
Sun Jun 10 13:51:47 CDT 2001

On Sun, 10 Jun 2001, Bill Bradford wrote:

> Anybody got a P2-400 or 450 they'll let go cheap?

	I can't believe these cpus sell for more than 20-30$ tops. A sizeable
number of stores sell Duron 700s for <40$. Too bad a new mb+cpu will run 120ish
	I also love the utter irony of dirt cheap Xeon's of that era. Too bad
dual motherboards cost silly amounts of money from a quick overview of ebay.
	Btw, what are you plugging this into? You said you were upgrading a
windows box the last time. If your windows box is running anything <350 now,
does the motherboard even support 100Mhz FSB, and is the memory PC100. Maybe
a stupid question, but just thought I'm chime in about the FSB change 333->350.

	Tugrul Galatali

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