[rescue] net boot help

Dan Debertin rescue at sunhelp.org
Sat Jun 9 14:46:34 CDT 2001

On Sat, 9 Jun 2001, Joshua D. Boyd wrote:

> However, when I turn on the javastation (or try to net boot the other two
> sparcs), I get the following message:
> Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP packet

I have no experience with the Javastations, just other diskless Sun
machines (ELC, SLC, etc.) . But I assume they work the same.

Anyway, you don't use bootp to boot these machines. You need to use a
combination of these daemons:

rarpd: responds to a RARP broadcast from the client, mapping its MAC
address to an IP address (on Solaris, it's called "in.rarpd".... why do
you suppose it runs under inetd? Very odd).

tftpd: responds to a GET request for a booter program. The booter program
will be called <IP-addr-in-hex>.<ARCH>. For example, my ELC (
asks for C0A80102.SUN4C. The booter program for Solaris can be found at

bootparamd: Tells the client where to mount its root/swap partitions from.
Sometimes called rpc.bootparamd, depending on the UNIX.

NFS: All of the requisite NFS daemons that allow it to mount its
root/swap, i.e. mountd, nfsd, portmap/rpcbind, etc.

I've set up boot servers under FreeBSD, NetBSD and Solaris. I have not
done so with Linux, but I would assume that it comes with all of the above
tools. It's sort of fun, once you get it working. Let me know if you need
more information.


Dan Debertin
airboss at nodewarrior.org

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