[rescue] IPC for SSL

Robert Rose rescue at sunhelp.org
Sat Jun 9 03:15:54 CDT 2001

Hi rescuers,

I've dug out an old IPC from my pile of old Sun stuff and am installing 
OpenBSD 2.8 right now, it's currently generating a new DSA key which I 
think it's going to take a while!  My planned use for this was for 
Apache+SSL server to use with a webmail product so I can send & receive 
email while I'm onsite at work.

Given the box will be on the wrong end of a 28.8k link at all times, it's 
never going to be really speedy; I know that, but is the number crunching 
required for the SSL stuff going to be just too much for this poor little Sun?

Time for dinner while I'm waiting for the IPC to finish booting.


PS.  I've now got HP-UX 11.00 installed on my D-Class box, I now need some 
pointers to some good freeware sites for things like GCC etc.  I've found a 
site at hpux.cs.utah.edu, is this the definative one or are there others ?

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