[rescue] SS2 help

Michael Graziano rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 8 23:01:29 CDT 2001

"Joshua D. Boyd" wrote:
> OK, It seems that my scsi devices are ID 1 and 2.
> Now, trying boot disk1 returns this message:
> ok boot disk1
> Boot device: /sbus/esp at 0,800000/sd at 1,0   File and args:
> bootblk: can't find the boot program
> Program terminated
> Now, that looks like something that can't find an OS.
> boot disk2 returns:

> <SNIP>

> ok boot disk2
> Boot device: /sbus/esp at 0,800000/sd at 2,0   File and args:
> The file just loaded
> does not appear to be executable.
> So, I think this means that I have no OS for this thing.  Am I
> interpruting this correctly?  I just wanted to double check before rashly
> reformating and installing.
This certainly looks like either no OS or something corrupted what was

> I can't decide if this should be a Sun OS 4.1 box or a NetBSD machine.
> I'm kinda leaning towards Sun OS.  That brings up another question.
> I thought that Sun had released the old SunOS 4 for free, but I can only
> find places to download it for a Sun3 machine.  Am I wrong here?

I'm not sure about Sun releasing SunOS 4 (although I remember seeing
something along those lines, maybe just the source...), but even if they
did I would still reccomend NetBSD, only because it is actively
developed.  SunOS 4.x is way out of date and unsupported, and the
ammount of effort it would take to make it secure and stable is
probably not worth it IMHO.

I've run NetBSD on all of my Sun hardware and have never had any
problems with hardware support or system stability (although I don't
run anything TOO exotic).


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