[rescue] SS2 help

Joshua D. Boyd rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 8 20:02:52 CDT 2001

OK, It seems that my scsi devices are ID 1 and 2.

Now, trying boot disk1 returns this message:
ok boot disk1                                                                   
Boot device: /sbus/esp at 0,800000/sd at 1,0   File and args:                         
bootblk: can't find the boot program                                            
Program terminated    

Now, that looks like something that can't find an OS.

boot disk2 returns:
ok boot disk2                                                                   
Can't open input device.                                                        
SPARCstation 2, No Keyboard                                                     
ROM Rev. 2.2, 40 MB memory installed, Serial #4260777.                          
Ethernet address 8:0:20:e:d6:d5, Host ID: 554103a9.                             
Rebooting from disk2                                                            
Boot device: /sbus/esp at 0,800000/sd at 2,0   File and args:                         
The file just loaded Type  help  for more information

That almost looks to me like it just found an OS on the second disk.
Typing boot disk2 again returns something a touch more helpful:
ok boot disk2                                                                   
Boot device: /sbus/esp at 0,800000/sd at 2,0   File and args:                         
The file just loaded                                                            
does not appear to be executable. 

So, I think this means that I have no OS for this thing.  Am I
interpruting this correctly?  I just wanted to double check before rashly
reformating and installing.

I can't decide if this should be a Sun OS 4.1 box or a NetBSD machine.
I'm kinda leaning towards Sun OS.  That brings up another question.  

I thought that Sun had released the old SunOS 4 for free, but I can only
find places to download it for a Sun3 machine.  Am I wrong here?

Joshua Boyd

ok probe-scsi                                                                   
Target 1                                                                        
  Unit 0   Disk     .SEAGATE ST1480   SUN0424862800967010Copyright (c)
1992 Sea0
Target 2                                                                        
  Unit 0   Disk     .QUANTUM LPS525S
311002/02/93446400420159APOLLO  51.

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