[rescue] Frightening Facts

rescue at sunhelp.org rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 8 16:21:54 CDT 2001

   I did a quick inventory last night and determined that in addition to
the eight Sun systems I currently have in service, I have enough
known-or-believed-to-be-working pieces to assemble at least 16 and possibly
18 more. (I'm a bit short on VME chassis -- I could stuff 3/1xx CPUs into
pizzaboxes, but they'd have to netboot and in only four megs of RAM that
would be agonizing.) Three 2/120s, a 2/50, three 3/50s including one with
a RAM expander daughterboard, three 3/1xx, a 3/2xx, two 3/4xx, a 386i,
a 4/2xx, an SLC, and two 4/6xx.
   Whoa. No wonder the computer room is so full.

   --James B.

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