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Fri Jun 8 09:35:14 CDT 2001

There used to be a very active bunch who used to operate 
at 28.706 MHz (AM no less), held get togethers, direction 
finding (DF) contests and would go after "unlicensed" 
operators.  Most of the time a gentle warning and offers 
of help in getting their ham license was enough to stop 
most individuals.  Occasionally, a lot of documentation 
when to the FCC after a few particularly obnoxious 
individuals didn't see the light.  The hams used to 
police their own bands and send the FCC all the info on 
rule violators after trying to solve the problem 
internally.  At one time the FCC stated that Amateur 
radio had the least violations per station of any 
communication form in the U.S.  I wish it were true 
> On Fri, 8 Jun 2001 wa2egp at att.net wrote:
> > Here in NJ, there are a bunch of us
> > who DF these characters and notify the authorities.
> DF?  This some kind of HAM DoS?
> --Kurt
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