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The code requirement is more historical than practical.  
At one time it was decided that the code would be the 
best basic thing to use in case of disaster and the 
radio was damaged or one had to be constructed.  Even if 
the audio of a transmitter failed, you could still key 
the mike.  When I had to get my Advanced, I had to prove 
I had the 13 WPM from the General license.  The code was 
really tough for me (I think the dyslexia has something 
to do with it) but I did pass.  A lot of people question 
the reason for it but heck, that was what was required, 
so I studied hard and got my license.  Unfortunately, 
youdo have to jump through the hoops at times.
> I've never understood the code req. in modern terms.  It's just another
> mode, like ATV, SSTV, Packet, etc.  You don't pass a test in addition to
> your tech license, to run those modes over your licensed bands.  Why treat
> code differently?  Or, why close off bands if you don't have the
> 5wpm(which I am studying for, as time allows)?  Plenty of people can
> yak(responsibly) on 10M, but I'm not allowed to touch it yet until I have
> that silly endorsement.  But once I do, then I can play with any other
> mode I want on 10M and a majority of the other HF bands.  It seems silly
> to me...anyone want to enlighten me on the logic?
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> On Wed, 6 Jun 2001, Bill Bradford wrote:
> > On Wed, Jun 06, 2001 at 11:57:29AM -0400, Kevin Loch wrote:
> > > Of course in two years the code requirement will go away (like it or
> > > not) so
> > > they will probably hold off on any further restructuring until then.
> > 
> > Actually the worldwide radio organization will adopt a resolution that
> > it suggests that morse, or at least no more than 5wpm, not be required to
> > have an amateur radio license - but this will not necessisarily change
> > the US rules/regulations.  I highly doubt that the code requirement
> > (5wpm) for General and/or Extra will go away.
> > 
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