[rescue] Big Honkin SGI (one to make Dave proud)

Brian Hechinger rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 7 21:20:52 CDT 2001

> On Thu, 7 Jun 2001, Corda Albert J DLVA wrote:
>> BTW, this appears to be one of the earlier Motorola 680x0 based
>> (Pre-MIPS) SGIs. I _think_ it uses intel Multibus boards. If my
>> memory serves me, the early version of IRIX that runs on this
>> doesn't support X (but I might be wrong...)  There is a FAQ
>> floating around somewhere that describes these early beasts
>> (including the follow-on 3xxx series of pre-MIPS SGI boxes), and
>> you should probably try to latch onto a copy (which the FAQ's
>> creator will happily send you, if you can find his email address.)
>> Try checking the deja archives of comp.sys.sgi.hardware...
> I think that you might be right about the lack of X.  I think that Irix 3
> was where X was introduced to that.  I think that 2 had NeWS though.  I'd
> love such an old SGI, but that is too big of a machine (I limit myself to
> things that don't take full racks, or require special power feeds).  If
> only it were one of the smaller 2?00 machines, or a 3?00 machine.

thanks for the info guys!!  not so worried about the lack of X, there is only
one machine in my collection that is required to run X and that is the Sun
workstation on my desk.  jesus, i have too many monitors already. :)

>> BTW, I'm also relatively local to this item (Fredericksburg, VA)
>> I wonder how many of us are actually in the Washington D.C. area?
> I'm not really in the DC area, but I consider it a reasonable distance for
> interesting things and/or events.

i'm in Allentown, PA.  VA is a slight haul, but imho well worth it.


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