[rescue] Ultra 1 CPU fans and heat load?

Loomis, Rip rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 7 15:53:29 CDT 2001

Okay, so the U1/170E that I recently obtained sounded
like hell with the cover off...sometimes.  After investigation,
I discovered that the CPU fan assembly had a cheap
little fan in it that seems to have bad bearings, and will
occasionally stop altogether.  This would seem to be
A Bad Thing.

The other U1s we have here all have just a plain old
heat sink--from looking at the online FEH it looks as
though I need:
  540-2761	UltraSPARC Fan Assembly (discontinued 5/97 - 6/97)
or I at least need to replace a really really thin 12VDC

Anyone have any ideas as to a cheap fix?  Can I get
away without the fan at all, but with the existing heat
sink (which is smaller than those on the systems which
don't have fans and use only passive cooling)?

Anyone know of a place with a wide selection of small
fans that I can order a replacement from, either on-line
or over the phone?  Fan dimensions (don't have a
metric ruler handy although I suspect that would be
more appropriate) are nominal 2"x2" by 3/8" thick,
with the (4) corner screw holes 1 5/8" apart.

Thanks in advance--

Rip Loomis
Brainbench MVP for Internet Security
http://www.brainbench.com (Transcript 1923411)

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