[rescue] FS: SM71s, SM51s, SPARC 20, SPARC 10 clones

Loomis, Rip rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 7 13:04:03 CDT 2001

Well, I picked up my Ultra 1 from PCRetro (see
separate message) and now I could use some cash--
so I'm trying to reduce my holdings.  I'm keeping
my LX since it's not only sentimental but with
128MB RAM (yes, I cheat) it's actually usable.
I do, however, have a pile of other hardware that
I'll entertain offers on.  If no one on the list
wants anything then I may end up parting items
out on eBay--sad to say, but I can likely get
more money piecemeal than for individual items.

Here are the current configs of the three systems
plus extra parts that are available.  
1.  SPARC 20, dual SM71s, 2.25 boot prom, 128MB
    Sun-barcoded memory (4x32MB), 2x2.1 GB
    internal disks with special cooling fan
    (recommended when running two internal disks
    in a SS5/20 chassis).  No video, but can
    install either a GX(CG6) or TGX/TX1.  Floppy,
    no CD-ROM.  The Aurora 1 case for this system
    was originally a SS5 case, so it still claims
    to be an SS5 on the front panel.
2.  Axil 311 (SPARC 10 clone), 2xSM51, 2.10 prom,
    128MB memory (8x16), 1.5GB disk, floppy,
    CG6 video.  Built like a tank, some cosmetic
    defects (scratched paint, marker)
3.  Tatung COMPstation 10 (SPARC 10 clone), 1xSM51,
    2.09 PROM, 128MB memory (8x16), 1GB disk plus
    second (empty) internal disk tray, floppy,
    CG6 video.  Well built internally, but the
    plastic trim piece on the front was dinged
    in shipping and won't stay attached if
    roughly handled.
4.  Additional parts:
	- One more random SM71
	- Type 4/5/5c keyboards and type 4/5
	  optical mice (with pads).  Actually
	  the Tatung above has its own official
	  Tatung keyboard and mechanical (ball) mouse.
	- TX4 (TGX+ 4MB 8-bit framebuffer)
	- SunPC 486SX/33 SBus card.  I actually
	  have the original 4.1 software on CD
	  which I can make a copy of, along with
	  an actual set of the licenses to make
	  it completely legit.  (The 4.1 software
	  can supposedly be upgraded to 4.2 with
	  a patch; I just haven't bothered to
	  play with it here now that we have a
	  SunPCI2 card in our new Blade 100...)

Make a reasonable offer by 5PM EST on Monday the
11th of June, or at least indicate interest.
If anyone out there is still looking for the
SunPC software and would like a CD-ROM, I'll
send them out for $5.00 to cover USPS priority
shipping, blank CDs, etc. -- just drop me a line.

(Contact me *OFF LIST* please to spare everyone

Rip Loomis
Brainbench MVP for Internet Security
http://www.brainbench.com (Transcript 1923411)

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