[rescue] Re: UNIX PC/3b1?

Hatle, Steven J. rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 7 07:45:59 CDT 2001

One of those sat unused in our phone room forever. I fired it up one day,
and it did in fact look like you could use it for a text based terminal.

It did look much like a 3B1. Best- it had a spongy touch screen. I didn't
have the guts to jack it into our Lucent phone system <grin>.

It disappeared one day. I suppose it could have gone back to Lucent, but I
suspect it ended up in a dumpster somewhere.  .  .


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AT&T used to sell a terminal/phone that looked like a shrinken 3B1/7300 that
was designed (or at least commonly used for) managing merlin phone systems.
The keyboard slid into the base.

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