[rescue] Re: UNIX PC/3b1?

Gil Young rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 6 21:05:25 CDT 2001

nope, I goofed, you are right. I was thinking of my mac + :p.

I actually had two 7300's at one time, I desoldered the '010 from the broken
7300 and put it in a Mac + (which had a 68000), didnt improve the system at
all, oh well, was fun hacking 8-D.

Gil Young
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> On June 6, Gil Young wrote:
> > with this system. There were hardware hacks to increase memory and
> > the CPU to a '010, etc.. and there were a few hundred apps developed for
>   The CPU is already a 68010.  Perhaps you mean '020?
>    -Dave McGuire
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