[rescue] RE: [SunRescue] OT: AS/400 stuff

Brian Hechinger rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 6 20:13:53 CDT 2001

>> IIRC you can get the card with VM for under US$20,000.  At least, I recall
>> there being something like that mentioned in Linux Journal a year or so
>> ago when they were going "ooh! shiny!" at the S390 port.
> This is right.  It's quite a viable platform for small scale development
> unless you have to hack channel controller code (which my group did).

are these things still $20k?  i would really like to get one.  although, looking
at IBMs site you can buy refurb mainframes for >$10K but you still have the
power issue.  they take more than i have to give. :)


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