[rescue] Re: [SunRescue] SCO/Xenix/Lisa was:( Worst *nix)

Gil Young rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 6 18:12:07 CDT 2001


Speaking of ATT Unix PC, I had mine come back to me!  I had actually given
it to a friend about 5 years ago.  I was trying to convert him from the dark
side (He codes VB for a living, heis really good at it too!)  and I asked
him about 2 years ago whatever happened to it and he said he tossed it out
:(.  Well three days ago he called to day he just found it in his garage!
WOOHOO!  I'll be picking it up within the month :).


Gil Young
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Version: 3.12
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> whenever that was). I'm still sorry I sold my AT&T UnixPC :)
> -Mike

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