[rescue] Solaris on an Indigo -- Not what you think :-)

Simeon Johnston rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 6 16:04:17 CDT 2001

My company has an Indigo E-print 1000+.  One of the only ones still
working in the world (I'm not kidding).  It's a printer.
One of the drives died so we got a new one - not from Indigo because
they wanted a couple grand for a $80 drive.  I'm trying to format it and
mount it where it was before but I have no idea where to start.
I tried format and checked out all the drives but they all seemed to be
formatted.  Do I need to make a filesystem on it now?  Where are some
good howto's/manuals for Solaris 5.4?
Should I just wait and let the guy from Indigo do it?  I don't think
I'll mess anything up but the guy's gone for a while and we may need to
use the printer immediately.
No man pages (the directory was wiped or not even installed) and I have
never used solaris.
Identifies itself as SunOS 5.4 during bootup and Solaris 5.4 with update
6 in Open Windows.  I have no idea what kind of Sun machine is running
this printer but that's the OS.
Any help or pointers would appreciated.


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