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Gil Young rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 6 12:45:56 CDT 2001

I have to agree, I actually went in to my test not memorizing anything 
about the specific frequencies you use for different types of 
communications, my brain doesn't work well that way.  I hate that stuff, I 
can just as easily look at the current layout when my interest is peaked in 
a certain meter range.  I did study about the specifics of the rules, 
guidelines, etc.. but just that and my engineering background got me 
through the test.

The cost went up this year, but it is still under $15 I think.  Mine cost 
around $6-7 last year if I remember right.


At 10:55 AM 6/6/01 -0400, you wrote:
>Without judging those who have passed the tests recently, all I can say is 
>the no code test is quite easy. I had grand plans of studying for the 
>test, working on remembering spectrum allocations, formulas, etc. but when 
>it came right down to it, I found that all I knew for the last 20-odd 
>years was all I needed to get a passing score.
>If you have a chance, scan/review a license guide at a local Radio Shack, 
>then just take the exam. If there is a cost, it will be minimal, and if 
>you fail, you can retake the test at any time.
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> > -john (who keeps threatening to become a licensed ham,
> > but always manages to find other projects that have to
> > be done first.)
>With the licencing changes its stupidly easy to be a ham now. No code for 
>5 wpm for all other classes. The same problem we see with certification in the
>puter industry is happening with radio, people who aren't qualified but have
>good memory are passing the exams.
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