[rescue] HP Box ID/Assessment

Hatle, Steven J. rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 6 12:13:09 CDT 2001


One of my local connections got in some HP gear. It appears to be 2 HP
700i's. Looks like a rackable case, with 2 power supplies, some card slots,
one of which contained a MB looking card with the usual ports, some bays up
top with a CD and a DAT drive, and then room for HD's etc. I didn't get a
good look, since they were on the bottom of a shrinkwrapped skid, and I
didn't want to take things apart at the time.

Not being an HP guy, is this a "server version" of the 700 workstations? A
box worth acquiring? I've got the Y2K kit for HP/UX 10.20.  .  . anyone
interested if I'm not?

There were also some SS5's, some of which I confirmed as 110's, with either
GDM-20E10's or 20E20's. No other info yet- if someone is interested I can
follow up on them as well. I usually get pretty good prices there.


Steve Hatle
VUE - a Pearson company
shatle at vue.com

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