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Wed Jun 6 11:15:31 CDT 2001

Yeah....it's sadly true.  I thought I was going to at least need to brush
up on my admittedly basic understanding of electronics, esp. things like
transistors, IF mixers and such...and yet....not a single question of that
type.  I remember plenty of questions about whether or not it was safe to
key up 150w 5 inches from your head, etc. but nothing that would ever show
an examiner that you have an understanding of anything radio-related. :(

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On Wed, 6 Jun 2001, Ken Hansen wrote:

> Without judging those who have passed the tests recently, all I can say is the no code test is quite easy. I had grand plans of studying for the test, working on remembering spectrum allocations, formulas, etc. but when it came right down to it, I found that all I knew for the last 20-odd years was all I needed to get a passing score.
> If you have a chance, scan/review a license guide at a local Radio Shack, then just take the exam. If there is a cost, it will be minimal, and if you fail, you can retake the test at any time.
> Ken
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> > -john (who keeps threatening to become a licensed ham,
> > but always manages to find other projects that have to
> > be done first.)
> With the licencing changes its stupidly easy to be a ham now. No code for tech,
> 5 wpm for all other classes. The same problem we see with certification in the
> puter industry is happening with radio, people who aren't qualified but have
> good memory are passing the exams.
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