[rescue] RE: [SunRescue] List charter change proposal

Brian Dunbar rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 6 09:18:59 CDT 2001

My .02 cents.  You have a nice dynamic going here, I'd be wary about
monkeying with the setup.

To put it another way; if your backup routine is quirky, but _works_, you'd
be reluctant to mess with it, just for the sake of script tweaking, no?

Heck, we have dozens of routines here that still have the company name
imbedded in the script as it was three (or four) names ago - no reason to
mess with them, they work fine.

Brian.  Still using Outlook.

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Anybody have a problem with me changing the "official" list
"charter" to apply to rescuing ANY systems, but being primarily
geared towards Sun stuff?  We seem to topic-drift a lot. 8-)


Bill Bradford
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Austin, TX
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