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Ken Hansen rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 6 05:53:53 CDT 2001

When I learned 370 Assembler/COBOL I had coding forms and three
compiles/runs a day.

At my first programming job, we used SYSLOG, a CICS application that
*emulated* ISPF for sites that did not have sufficient processor capacity to
handle many simultaneous ISPF sessions.

It was a reasonable little environment, and once I got to an ISPF
environment, I liked it too.

I remember my first runaway program - I heard about the internal job reader,
you could pass a PDS member to this particular utility, and it would submit
the job to the queue. Dopey me, I wrote a program that submitted it's own
PDS member to the reader - what fun ensued!

I had to delete the program from the partioned data set library to stop
it -the job would run, copy itself to the queue, and end <repeat>...
Luckilly I didn't copy *two* copies to the internal reader (intrdr?) each
time the program ran, or I would have brought down the machine (or atleast
killed performance for a while)... ;^)

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> ISPF/PDF is still my favorite editor of all time.  I'd love to see a free
> Unix port, all the commercial ones are big $$$.

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