[geeks] Re: [rescue] Re: [SunRescue] Catalyst 2100 switch

Robert Rose rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 6 03:05:15 CDT 2001

 >> There's nothing quite like the way the .au Cisco folk say "router". My
 >> best text approximation would be "reawdah". Not to mention "sweetch".
 >They say "router" (and, for that matter, "route" and "routing") as they
 >would say "rooter" ("root" and "rooting").
Strange, I would have thought most of you 'merican folk would have gotten 
over that stuff years ago.  It's not that we talk that badly, it's just to 
your ears it sounds different.  I'm sure that if any of you yanks have 
spent much time over this side of the pond you'd realise how funny your 
accents sound to us.  All the aussie Cisco ppl I've spoken to sound fine to me.


And FYI, it's not us aussies that say rooter, it's those damn pommies.

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