[geeks] Re: [rescue] Re: [SunRescue] Catalyst 2100 switch

Bill Bradford rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Jun 6 01:04:37 CDT 2001

On Wed, Jun 06, 2001 at 06:28:34AM +0100, Paul Sladen wrote:
> > They say "router" (and, for that matter, "route" and "routing") as they
> > would say "rooter" ("root" and "rooting").
> And so should everyone... well actually everyone /did/;  only along
> Hollywood, and Star Trek... and now the Southern Mid West half of the
> states has been (falsely) pursuaded to produce `router' as `ra-out-er'.
> Come-on -- How many people would produce `linen' - `line en'...  just
> doesn't work does it!

I used to get made fun of when I moved to texas; because I pronounced
"root" as "ruht".  (think "rut").  Even the Texans didnt say it that
way. 8-)

(I'm from Oklahoma..)

"Why dont I finish this up as ruht and then we can all go yonder down
 to the holler and have us some chitlins and a coke" 8-)


Bill Bradford
mrbill at mrbill.net
Austin, TX

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