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Ken Hansen rescue at sunhelp.org
Tue Jun 5 21:49:44 CDT 2001

POSIX is a library of commands and system calls, independednt of the
underlying OS - the idea (way back in the early 80's!) was that the
government would only buy POSIX compliant computers, then if Unisys was
lower cost than a comprable IBM machine, and both has POSIX support, *and*
your programs only used POSIX commands and system calls, then you could
simply re-compile your code on the Unisys and save big bucks.

One problem - POSIX is *extremely* limited functionality, nobody wrote code
to that interface specification only, since it was so limited. See

A few highlights:

    The POSIX subsystem itself does not directly support printing

    The POSIX.1 specification does not have a requirement for access to
remote file systems

Those would be nice things to have, no?

As far as Unix98 conformance, that is probably an implementation of MKS


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> What exactly is the difference between Posix and Unix98?  For instance, I
> know that NT comes with a Posix layer, but there is an add-on for NT that
> offers Unix98 certification.  Is it just a bunch of required extra
> programs?  That's what a glance over the unix systems web site seems to
> indicate.

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