[SunRescue] Looking for PROM upgrade for SS20...

Chris Petersen rescue at sunhelp.org
Tue Jun 5 17:12:44 CDT 2001

Anybody have a spare 2.22 or higher rev PROM for an SS20 lying around? 
Maybe one of you guys who upgrade to Ross HyperSparcs?  I'd love to put this
SM71 I've got here into this bare SS20 but I've only got a 2.15 PROM...

(And yes, I know MemoryX has them for $40, but I'm hoping to get it cheaper
or for a trade of some sort...)


Chris Petersen
Systems Engineer, Industry Services, Unigraphics Solutions Inc.
Co-founder, auctions.workstations.org
Email: havoc at apk.net

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