[SunRescue] OT: AS/400 stuff

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Tue Jun 5 13:01:24 CDT 2001

VMis a real robust OS, that can work wonders without a client OS (VSE, MVS
or other) - *but* there is very little support for VM in commercial Apps. -
they tend to run under a client OS.

VM is *so robust* you can run another OS under it, but make no mistake, VM
is very useful. VM is the most likely way you would work on a low-end
"freak" machine like the departmental s/390s we are talking about here.

IBM *controls* the market, and has no reason to offer low-cost OSs.


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> On Tue, 5 Jun 2001, Paul Khoury wrote:
> > Didn't think so.  500 bucks would be nice, but I doubt that also.
> > So how does OS/390 or VM, or MVS (whichever it is) compare with
> > UNIX?
> I wouldn't be surprised is IBM had a way to get it cheaper for the P390.
> While it is the same OS as the big boys, since all OSs are keyed to the
> hardware, IBM could very well charge less.  It would be to their benifit
> to do so, since the P390s are mainly meant for development, and you don't
> want to charge a small company $100,000 just so that they can support your
> platform.
> Anyway, I know that VM isn't very useful by itself.  I suppose that
> someone like oracle could write a version of oracle to run directly on VM,
> but VM is really meant to manage system partitioning and the running of
> other operating systems.  VM is optional, and it is also quite expensive.
> I've never been sure about the difference of OS/390 and MVS, or wether
> they were just interchangable terms.  I do know that in the future OS/390
> will be called z/Os following in like with changing the machine name to
> the zSeries.
> That said, OS/390 is compliant enough to be certified unix.  This was a
> strategic move to help encourage people to port their applications to
> OS/390.
> > Of course.  I mean, who is stupid enough to wipe it and pay $100,000 to
> > have a legit license?  Unless you're the NSA or something, but in that
> > case you'll either have new or better hardware...
> Any smart company is going to wipe all incoming hardware.  Further, if you
> expect to ever derive financial profit from a machine, you should make
> sure that you have valid licenses for everything on it.
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