[SunRescue] OT: AS/400 stuff

Paul Khoury rescue at sunhelp.org
Tue Jun 5 11:59:19 CDT 2001

On Tue, 05 Jun 2001 08:45:59 -0400, Chad Fernandez wrote:

>Paul Khoury wrote:
>> LOL, I went there.  I'm getting a 9760 error, which means a problem with
>> the SCSI controller with onboard cache.  But if I take it out, I get
>> an I9990024 error.  And it won't even boot from my PS/2 reference diskette
>> for the mod 95.
>Well if you remove the scsi card you are lacking your scsi drive, so you
>get an IML error.  You need to boot from a good reference disk.  I say
>good, because you have to be careful doing it under Windows.  It's
>something like not running a directory of the newly created disk under
>windows, or something similar.
Tried both, still doesn't work/
Really annoying.

>> I've had better luck with my old 55SX (gone), and my 60 (used as a footstool for hanging
>> lamps on the ceiling).
>Is that kind of tippy?  I have a Model 80 (same case as the 60), but I
>don't think I would want to stand on it.  The only computer that I own
>and feel safe standing on is my Microvax 3400.
LOL.  Yeah, it's kinda tippy sometimes, but since I'm slim and 6'4, it's just extra height.

>> And yes, it's a 9595.  Came from Kaiser Permanente, and to be of
>> relevance to the list, it has UNIX on the HD - QNX to be exact (wow, and on
>> MCA).
>People run Linux on PS/2's all the time.  I think SCO supports
>Microchannel, but I'd have to verify that to be sure.
>I didn't think QNX was considered Unix, just Posix compliant.

Hmmm, it has a regular login prompt and all.


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