[SunRescue] Max harddisk size for Sun Sparc 20

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Tue Jun 5 11:20:23 CDT 2001

Speaking of harddisk size, does anyone actually know of a limit on scsi
drive size?  I once for amusement looked up the parts in the SCSI spec
that seemed relavent, and came up with a number on the order of 16
exabytes per lun, however that seems a touch high...

On Tue, 5 Jun 2001, G W Adkins wrote:

> > Then again I tried it with 4GB, thank God this time it
> > works.
> > The hd model for 4GB(Seagate ST34371WC), 9GB(Seagate
> > ST39103LC) and 18GB(Seagate ST318404LC).
> > Is it b'coz SS20 can only support SCSI-2 fast wide
> > interface harddisk(model no. ends with "WC") and not
> > Low Voltage Differential(model no. ends with "LC") ?
> > Or I didn't put a terminator for the unipack ? I
> > thought 611 casing unipack no need terminator ?
> By my knowledge :::
> LVD Drives have no terminators on them.  611 cases are auto-terminating.
> Seagate LVD drives may have to be jumpered fo the "force SE" setting to
> work.
> the SS20 will support 9/18/36Gig drives, it's whether the OS will supportthe
> disk size / partition sizes as large as you can make on such a disk.
> > Does someone out there currently having a 9GB or 18GB
> > hd in SS20 ? May I know what is the model no. ?
> I have run a Seagate 39103LC in a SS20 myself, worked like a champ under
> Solaris 7 and Solaris 8.
> I currently have a Quantum atlas V 18.3 Gig running in a SS5/70 under
> Solaris 2.6 or 7 (can't remember which...) with nary a hiccup...  Both have
> the "force SE" jumpers set.
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