[SunRescue] RE: My big honkin' 9 Gig drive

Ken Hansen rescue at sunhelp.org
Tue Jun 5 10:08:22 CDT 2001

I have not aggressively exercised my ( gig drive, really just pugged it in, did an OS install, then powered down the machine. In fact, the drive was not the boot device, I think I put /export/home on it...

I run Solaris.

I did not do any extensive testing beyond formatting a few partitions.

Yes they are the HiTechCafe SGI/IBM drives you wrote of earlier...

If there are issues with this drive, I have other uses for it, but would prefer that it work in my SPARCs...


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Is this the DFHS 9GB?  I bought a number of these, and i have troubles in
my SS20/612 and in an Ultra.  No problems when installed in my DEC DS3305
SCA backplane, or via a Sun 611 chassis on a DEC 3000/300.

Are you running Solaris?  What version (i'm running Sol 8).  Are you
modifying the system to disable Command Tag Queueing...  Have you tried
running like 12 passes of 'format->analyze->read' on it under load?  For
me, i get *recoverable* errors, but i'd rather not run them in Suns if
this will happen.  (I have enough other systems i can use them in)
(i have only tried 2 of them, and have noticed that a LOT of the same
disks i've gotten from LowTech Louie lately have been with various
Firwmare, Vendor Names and block-sizes (512, 524))


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