[SunRescue] Max harddisk size for Sun Sparc 20

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Tue Jun 5 08:28:26 CDT 2001

When you mention your LVD cable, do you mean an
internal cable in the SS20?
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From: "Chad Fernandez" <fernande at internet1.net>
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I don't know if you are in fact confusing terms or not.  However it
sounds like you are confusing Low Voltage Differential, commonly called,
"LVD", with High Voltage Differential, commonly called, "Differential". 
LVD drives are normally compatible with Single ended by shorting a
jumper, they'll be slower, However.  High Voltage Differential drives
aren't compatible with anything else.  Adapters can be had, but you
would need a lot of room to mount one inside a case.

I mention all this because LVD is the Differential that was mentioned. 
Speaking of which, I need to install my new LVD cable so I can bump my
drive up to LVD (U2 performance) instead of SE.

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

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