[SunRescue] Max harddisk size for Sun Sparc 20

Chad Fernandez rescue at sunhelp.org
Tue Jun 5 08:28:18 CDT 2001

It is an internal cable, but will be in my PC.  If an LVD drive is used
in single ended mode, a standard wide cable can be used, with the
appropriate terminator.  My new cable actually came with a terminator
that will handle LVD, HVD, and SE.... it is labled as a Multi-Mode
Terminator.  It lists LVD+SE, ACT NEG + HVD ISO.... don't know what ISO
stands for, However.  It know International Standards Organization, but
that itn't this ISO is it?

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

Les wrote:
> Thanks,
> When you mention your LVD cable, do you mean an
> internal cable in the SS20?
> Les

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