[SunRescue] RE: 9 Gigs or better in an SS/20

Ken Hansen rescue at sunhelp.org
Tue Jun 5 08:05:30 CDT 2001

I do no thave a drive model number (the ss/20 is offline and away from me at the moment, but be assured, I have a 9 Gigabyte SCA drive in my SS/20 that works fine. It was an IBM/SGI drive from HiTechCafe.com, it was on sale for $69 when I got it about a month ago.

I am not familiar with LVD drives, but I suspect that is your problem - as I said beofre, my 9 Gig drive is an SCA drive.



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Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 03:40:32 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi there,

Some time ago I did ask a similar question on this.
And someone responded that SS20 has no problem
supporting 9GB hd. Also it should be no problem
supporting 18GB hd as well. I believe what the person
told me was true coz I can see ppl selling SS20 comes
with 18GB harddisk.

However when I tried to connect a 18GB hd(internal)
and execute probe-scsi-all at the OK prompt.
Unfornately SS20 can't detect it. Then I tried to
connect it externally(ultra scsi unipack - 611
casing). It still not able to detect it.

I thought maybe 18GB is too big for SS20, this time I
tried with 9GB. No luck, still can't detect, either
connected internally or externally.

Then again I tried it with 4GB, thank God this time it

The hd model for 4GB(Seagate ST34371WC), 9GB(Seagate
ST39103LC) and 18GB(Seagate ST318404LC).

Is it b'coz SS20 can only support SCSI-2 fast wide
interface harddisk(model no. ends with "WC") and not
Low Voltage Differential(model no. ends with "LC") ?

Or I didn't put a terminator for the unipack ? I
thought 611 casing unipack no need terminator ?

Does someone out there currently having a 9GB or 18GB
hd in SS20 ? May I know what is the model no. ?

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