[SunRescue] Max harddisk size for Sun Sparc 20

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Tue Jun 5 07:42:04 CDT 2001

To the best of my limited knowledge, you must have a differential
SCSI host adapter to use differential SCSI.  Of the dozen or so
SS20 boxen I've worked with none had internal differential SCSI. 
You can add an sbus differential SCSI card and use the drive externally.
Someone else on the list will know more.
I have a 9GB internal drive running in one of my SS20s now, will look
at make & model number when I get home.

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Hi there,

Some time ago I did ask a similar question on this.
And someone responded that SS20 has no problem
supporting 9GB hd. Also it should be no problem
supporting 18GB hd as well. I believe what the person
told me was true coz I can see ppl selling SS20 comes
with 18GB harddisk.

However when I tried to connect a 18GB hd(internal)
and execute probe-scsi-all at the OK prompt.
Unfornately SS20 can't detect it. Then I tried to
connect it externally(ultra scsi unipack - 611
casing). It still not able to detect it.

I thought maybe 18GB is too big for SS20, this time I
tried with 9GB. No luck, still can't detect, either
connected internally or externally.

Then again I tried it with 4GB, thank God this time it

The hd model for 4GB(Seagate ST34371WC), 9GB(Seagate
ST39103LC) and 18GB(Seagate ST318404LC).

Is it b'coz SS20 can only support SCSI-2 fast wide
interface harddisk(model no. ends with "WC") and not
Low Voltage Differential(model no. ends with "LC") ?

Or I didn't put a terminator for the unipack ? I
thought 611 casing unipack no need terminator ?

Does someone out there currently having a 9GB or 18GB
hd in SS20 ? May I know what is the model no. ?

Thank you.

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