[SunRescue] rack shelves

Paul Khoury rescue at sunhelp.org
Tue Jun 5 03:12:31 CDT 2001

On Mon, 4 Jun 2001 21:33:52 -0400, Ken Hansen wrote:

>Well, if you have an IKEA around you, they have some fairly rugged wirefram
>shelves in 3 foot and 4 foot widths, about 18" deep. I have a stack of them
>waiting for me to organize my stuff...
>They are *well* under $100 for a nice shelf system - 5 shelves, 4 foot wide,
>and very tall (80" maybe?). If not, Bill has mentioned some shelving that he
>gets at home depot, but I think it is regional (it does not seem to be
>carried in my local Home Depot in NJ)...

Home Depot has some good stuff, like $70 for almost-commercial quality
shelving.  I have 2 heavy shoebox disk enclosures, an HP workstation,
IBM ValuePoint, SS2, IPC, monitor, laser printer,  another monitor, 2 ThinkPads, another computer,
all my network stuff, power backups and printer server on it, and it holds up like
a charm.  I was thinking of getting one for the bedroom also.


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