[SunRescue] Distortion Analyzer?

Mike Hebel rescue at sunhelp.org
Tue Jun 5 00:20:04 CDT 2001


I'm not sure about the working order - it's currently in the storage
unit.  I'll try and pull it in the next week or so but I _do_ know the
power cord is at least frayed.

I'll get the info and let you know - I do know that it _did_ power up
during my period of ownership on several occasions.  I just have no
way of testing the sucker.


MB> Dear Mike Hebel:

MB> I live in the Chicagoland area and I am in need of a distortion analyzer. 
MB> Are you still willing to part with it? What working order is it in?

MB> Sincerely,

MB> Mark Benja

MB> Information obtained from this post:
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>>>Did you eventually get a terminal for it?

MB> No.  Unfortunately after being borked I retired it to the small but dry
MB> attic upstairs along with IIRC a tube tester, some broken signal generators,
MB> and other miscellaneous stuff.  I'll have to go up there and see what's
MB> still in there.  (Anyone in the Chicagoland area need and old HP Distortion
MB> Analyzer?)

>>>Nice piece! I watched a friend play with one over his shoulder in the mid
>>>80s, but I never used one myself.

MB> Yeah, it's a shame I never got to finish that one.  Maybe I'll try and
MB> conduct a "resurrection" on it later in the year if I have the time.

MB> Mike Hebel

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