[SunRescue] OT: AS/400 stuff

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Don't even bother unless you plan on getting a support contract from IBM.
Pretty much anything on the inside of one of these is proprietary and don't
even think you`ll be able to find a copy of OS/400. Every copy of the OS I
have ever seen is a burned copy from IBM with the serial number of the
machine and the cutomer number on it as well.
I believe that they key the OS media to the machine, At a previous employer
we had 4 400s, we took one of the older boxes out of service and was going
to use it as a development box only, we tried to install the  newer OS from
one of the newer boxes, but it would not work, we eventually had to have IBM
come out and do it for us with a new set of OS media.

IBM guards their machines and their software very well, once these go out of
service they turn into scrap metal...

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Does anyone here know a lot about AS/400's?
I know someone who has a 3174 for sale, is this worth buying?
I have a 9402-200 AS/400 that I'd like to get running someday (If I
can get a copy of the OS).  Also, does anyone know what RAM it uses?
I just got a PS/2 Model 95 from the same people, I thought I might be able
use the RAM in the AS/400 also as it appears to be parity or ECC.

THanks all,


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