[SunRescue] rack shelves

Ken Hansen rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Jun 4 20:53:20 CDT 2001

Eww - well I just gave up on a nice Sun rack from Bodoman.com - the shipping
to NJ from CA would have been too much. The rack was to be $100. It looked

WRT the IKEA shelves, you can buy as many shelves as you want - the sell
them individually...

Good luck,

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> On Mon, 4 Jun 2001, Ken Hansen wrote:
> > Well, if you have an IKEA around you, they have some fairly rugged
> > shelves in 3 foot and 4 foot widths, about 18" deep. I have a stack of
> > waiting for me to organize my stuff...
> Sorry, I meant 19" rackmount shelves.  I'm finally reorganizing my home
> network and a large number of those shelves would help immensely.  5
> shelves per vertical area won't be enough.
> -James
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