[SunRescue] SCO/Xenix/Lisa was:( Worst *nix)

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Hi Dave.


"The machine retained the high resolution display, but could also support
text based OSs (UNIX/XENIX) on a 24 x 80 screen (not at the same time with
the Lisa OS). The LISA (now Lisa) 2 could support 11 different operating
systems: UNIX, XENIX, MacWorks, the WorkShop (software developing), Lisa
7/7, and Desktop Manager are the most common.

Sounds like it was text only. A Google search on "XENIX for Lisa" returns
two sites that have Xenix available for download. The Lisa ran on what, a
6800? Between that and the weird possibly underdocumented graphics
subsystem porting any kind of windowing would suck.


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shatle at vue.com writes:

>I have the SCO Xenix for the Lisa. It wasn't bad, as far as SCO/Xenix
>You have to remember it was running at 5 Mhz in 1 meg of memory.  .  . I
>still have 3 Lisas- this is running on one of them. I don't have the
>original media, but I do have the full doc set. On a lark, I called SCO
>about it about 5 years ago. They flat out denied that the product ever

Wow. I've never seen that running. It there any sort of windowing
system, or is the console text?

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