[SunRescue] Dead Sparc NVRAMS

Jeff Borisch rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Jun 4 08:40:23 CDT 2001

Bran Tregare wrote:

> it's easier for me to just pull the whole battery/crystal assembly, I want
> to ger rid of the drained lithium cell as it will eventually leak, and
> corrode out through the hookup wires... I had an old 48T02 that was totally
> wasted because of that :(  plus the sparc 1 MB that it was on was damaged
> by leaking lithium :(


It is possible to fully remove the battery and still save the crystal. Just
saw the half with the battery clean off. It would be good then to anchor the
loose end of the backpack with a dab of epoxy. Of course if you really want
to do it this way...(-:

May I include your anecdote about the leaking battery in the NVRAM Rebattery
HOWTO I'm writing? 


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