[SunRescue] SCO/Xenix/Lisa was:( Worst *nix)

Hatle, Steven J. rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Jun 4 07:16:35 CDT 2001

I have the SCO Xenix for the Lisa. It wasn't bad, as far as SCO/Xenix goes.
You have to remember it was running at 5 Mhz in 1 meg of memory.  .  . I
still have 3 Lisas- this is running on one of them. I don't have the
original media, but I do have the full doc set. On a lark, I called SCO
about it about 5 years ago. They flat out denied that the product ever

If you find the landfill, I'll bring a shovel. Can't imagine there's much
left after 15 years, but 1 or two working Widget drives would make me happy!



I told my boss's boss I'd pass on the USENIX technical conference and just
go for LISA. He thought I meant an Apple LISA. Since we've joked about
putting in a VAXcluster (he used to work for DEC in the day), I figured
I'd look into how we could use LISAs in our environment. Found Xenix for
LISA. I was scared. I thought Lunix for C64/C128 was scary. There's also
apparently a couple thousand LISAs in a landfill around here somewhere.
Hmmm. Grendel cluster anyone?

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