[SunRescue] Aviion (was)OBP coolness

Tim Harrison rescue at sunhelp.org
Sat Jun 2 18:40:37 CDT 2001

James Fogg wrote:

> btw.. I finally have the room and power for some DG hardware. I would love a
> Nova, Eclipse or even an MV. An Aviion would be cool too, but that boxen
> signalled the death of an era. If anyone finds themselves scratching their heads
> and wondering *what the fug is this*, pass the boxen on to me, I'll give them a
> good home.

I rescued an AViiON 4300 (I think, I'd have to pull it away from my desk
to look, and that's a frightening prospect) from near doom.  It's a neat
machine, but the OS refuses to reload.  I've tried everything I can
think of, and it just won't go.  I'm preparing a listing of things to
get rid of, and it might be on that list.  However, shipping to NH might
be a little cost prohibitive for you. :/

It's got a 33MHz 88k, 32M RAM, and two 504MB SCSI disks in it.  I've got
some OS tapes, a console monitor w/ keyboard, and a small SCSI enclosure
as well.


Tim Harrison
Network Engineer
harrison at timharrison.com

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