Fw: [SunRescue] Two SS/10 systems for sale

Ken Hansen rescue at sunhelp.org
Sat Jun 2 12:24:50 CDT 2001


The two SS/10s that I thought were sold to a local buyer appear to still be
available - I'd like to see something like $250 for both, incl S/H to lower
48 via FedEx ground.

Both systems are boxed up (together) and available for quick shipment. Would
prefer to sell as one lot, as I a) don't want to open the box, and b) am
*really* trying to get reduce the number of systems in my house.

Offers in trade will be entertained, but would prefer cash.

If interested, please contact me off list. I will probably post them as a
pair on eBay tomorrow if no interest on the list...

Obviously, both systems are guaranteed against no-DOA, and before packing
the systems up I installed either Solaris 2.6 or 7 (I can't remember now),
along with the proper patch cluster.

Thanks for your interest,

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Subject: [SunRescue] Two SS/10 systems for sale, as well as an Ultra 2/2300

> Hello all,
> I have three systems I hope to sell this week, both of the SS/10 systems
and the Ultra 2 are in very good condition, are reasonably configured, (see
below) and are ready for immediate shipment.
> I'd be interested in offers on either one or both of the SS/10 systems
together -please send any inquiries to me off-list at
ken.hansen at icti-usa.com (my daytime/work email address). Trades will be
considered, but my goal is to reduce the idle cpu count in my basement...
> Here are my configurations:
> System #1:
> SS/10 Base - Clean, no significant scratches
> SM41 CPU
> GX Framebuffer
> 4x 16 Meg DIMMs
> 2x Conner CFP2105S HDs (2 Gig? Didn't look up)
> Floppy drive
> System #2:
> SS/10 Base - Clean, no significant scratches
> 2x 66 MHz Hypersparcs
> GX Framebuffer
> 5x 16 Meg DIMMs
> 1x 2 Gig HD
> Floppy drive
> As for price, I'll leave that open for now, since the used SPARC market is
in such a state of flux, but these are nice, clean systems which would make
very nice first SPARC systems for someone starting out, or nice second
machines for Solaris 8 "beater" machines/test beds.
> Both systems will support SPARC Linux, if that floats your boat.

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