[SunRescue] Aviion (was)OBP coolness

David Rouse rescue at sunhelp.org
Sat Jun 2 12:14:19 CDT 2001

On Saturday, June 2, 2001, at 09:42 AM, Joshua D. Boyd wrote:

> BTW, has anyone here ever read William Gibson's Idoru?  I want a
> Sandbenders machine.  Thought of designing one myself.

Ah yes, I think we would be living in a better world if there was a 
Sandbenders. Most people out there are concerned about just two 
numbers -- price and MHz. That kind of culture makes it difficult to 
justify putting a bunch of time into the case design and materials. I'm 
not even hoping for something like Apple's Cube, the old sparc cases 
have a certain class and thoughtfullness.

By the way, wasn't there a bit of truth behind Sandbenders? Maybe I'm 
imagining it but it seems like a read an interview somewhere that he 
spun them out of something someone actually did, like he based some of 
his artists around folks like Survival Research Laboratories

David Rouse

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