[SunRescue] Aviion (was)OBP coolness

Joshua D. Boyd rescue at sunhelp.org
Sat Jun 2 08:42:21 CDT 2001

Justifying aside, if you are spending 15,000 on a computer, it should be a
nice computer, not something wrapped in a really rinky dink plastic case.
I mean, if we are paying money for an expensive stereo, we expect it to
have some heft, and to have all the details made out of nicer materials
than the cheap $150 jobs at costco.

BTW, has anyone here ever read William Gibson's Idoru?  I want a
Sandbenders machine.  Thought of designing one myself.  Not sure how it
would look though.  Perhaps I should first retrofit my stereo head.  It
is a 1970s vintage quadrophonic amp.  It works nicely when hooked up to a
PC with a SB Live Suround with a powered sub also hook directly up to the
PC.  Then the only thing missing is the center channel.

Anyway,  it is made out of real metal and wood.  I'd like it to be full
blown surround sound, with digital inputs, and perhaps tube amps.  Tube
amps might be going to far for the ventilation this box has.

Joshua Boyd

On Sat, 2 Jun 2001, Ken Hansen wrote:

> Maybe they were trying to justify the price ;^)
> "You paid $15,000 for that - it looks just like the PC my son got for $600!"
> Ken
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> > Stoned koala bears drooled eucalyptus spit in awe as Dave McGuire
> exclaimed:
> >
> > >   Oh man...did you get to take that one home when it was
> > > decommissioned?  I really like those DEC3000 machines.  They're built
> > > like tanks.
> >
> > I love these too. I've got a pile of 3000/300's and two 3000/M600's...the
> > M600's especially rock, and are *very* heavy.  Was DEC trying to build
> > these things to MILspec or something?
> >
> > Jeff
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