[SunRescue] Aviion

Don rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 1 21:41:30 CDT 2001

Hey James,

I have a system stuffed away that I've had for years that
I believe is based on a DG Nova. I rescued it out of
a dumpster in '85 when I worked for Computervision.
I don't know much about it but I remember someone saying
the original CV systems were based on the Nova's.  Maybe
someone out there has more info. I know there's a few other
Ex-CVers in the bunch.

I grabbed it for the sole purpose of rack mounting audio
gear in the cabinet but never got around to it.  You're
welcome to it but I'm in California and getting it the
east coast would be a tad expensive.  Another catch is
that it seems all the boards are missing. Probably
tough to find replacements....

If anyone is interested I can throw up a few pics.

Don Varner

James Fogg wrote:

>> Last, what is the aviion?

> btw.. I finally have the room and power for some DG hardware. I would love a
> Nova, Eclipse or even an MV.  If anyone finds themselves scratching their heads
> and wondering *what the fug is this*, pass the boxen on to me, I'll give them a
> good home.


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